Ethernet Technology: A Possible Comeback?

Ethernet is a family of wired technologies commonly used in local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN). It has been commercially available since 1980, but has been refined multiple times to support higher transmission rates, more nodes and longer distances while retaining much of its backward compatibility with older versions. Ethernet is still a key technology of the …

Remote Desktop Protocol Users have Highest Risk of Ransomware Attacks

As more schools and businesses find themselves going online, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) users are more vulnerable than ever to a ransomware attack. Learn more about the latest threat from Drovorub malware, and what organizations can do to protect themselves. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

New Methods for Workers Turning to Telework

Millions of workers have been granted access to work remotely, creating a massive influx for video communication, new ways for productivity, and network slowdowns. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.