Individual States’ Move Forward with Regulation on Data Privacy

Data privacy is a growing concern for most people as hacks, spyware and ransomware become commonplace. Several states will start enforcing their data privacy laws in 2023. Find out which states and why your business needs to know about those laws. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

7 Countries Develop Cross-border Data Privacy Laws

Seven countries are developing a unified set of standards to protect and ensure the privacy of data, especially Personally Identifiable Information (PII). These standards will apply to the following countries: …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

The New U.S. Data Security Law

President Joe Biden signed a bill into law on March 15, 2022 that provides funding for the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2021 (CIRCIA). This legislation is part of the Strengthening American Cybersecurity Act of 2022, which is intended to strengthen the federal government’s cybersecurity posture. The most immediate effect of CIRCIA is the requirement to report cybersecurity …

India’s Data Privacy Law & What it Means to US Businesses

The IT Act, 2000 currently protects the personal data of India’s 1.4 billion people. Legislators have amended it multiple times since it was passed, but there is a growing consensus that this country needs specific legislation on personal data privacy. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

Data Privacy Laws you Need to be Aware of

Almost every country on Earth has passed data privacy laws regulating the collection of personal information, the ways subjects are informed of collection activities and the control those subjects have over the transfer of that information. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

The FTC is Pushing for More Privacy Protection

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has developed a long-term plan for protecting consumers’ online privacy. However, it faces multiple challenges, including budget constraints, legal considerations and personnel changes. This effort is primarily due to the rapid increase in data collection by businesses, especially large technology firms. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

What You Need to Know about Cybersecurity Compliance

Due to the increasing number of cybersecurity-related laws, regulations, and standards, many companies might discover that they now need to comply with one or more of them. Here is what you need to know if your business makes that discovery. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

Senate & House Using Bills to Combat Cyberattacks. Is it Working?

The U.S. House of Representatives has recently passed multiple bills to support cybersecurity requirements for state and local governments as of July 2021. This legislation would also strengthen defenses of critical infrastructure and improve remediation measures for security measures. Analysts expect these bills to have far-reaching effects in the way managed detection and response (MDR), managed service providers (MSPs) and …

New Bills on Capitol Hill After the Colonial Pipeline Attack

The recent ransomware attack against the Colonial Pipeline illustrates the need for a plan to protect the economy in the event of a major cyberattack, according to members of the House’s Homeland Security Committee (HSC). The Colonial Pipeline shut down operations last week as a result of the attack, leaving 45 percent of the U.S. East Coast without its normal …

6 Topics to Cover in a Telecommuting Policy

The number of employees working from home has gone up dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic. Companies that plan to continue letting employees work from home need to formalize that arrangement with a telecommuting policy. Here are six topics often discussed in in this type of policy. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.