A Recent Monday.com Hack Reveals Access was Gained to their Source Code

monday.com and several other organizations have recently suffered a cyberattack through Codecov, a popular code coverage tool. The attackers accessed a read-only version of the source code for the company’s self-named software, which is a project management tool for enterprises that also facilitates collaboration between team members. monday.com served 100,000 clients as of 2020, including both technical and non-technical organizations. …

Is Your Company Using a FortiOS SSL VPN? Make Sure It Is Updated

Virtual private networks (VPNs) let remote employees securely connect to their companies’ networks. However, companies using Fortinet’s FortiOS SSL VPNs might be putting their networks at risk. Discover why using FortiOS SSL VPNs can be risky and what all companies need to do to protect their VPNs, no matter what kind of VPN they are using. …Log into your iPressGo …

5G’s Market Surge and the Race to Build

The race to rollout 5G networks has been suspended this year, due to COVID-19, but currently 5G is making it’s come back and stronger than ever. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

What You Need to Know about the Zero Trust Model

Network infrastructures are getting more complex and thus harder to secure with traditional network security tools. Fortunately, there’s a viable alternative: the zero trust model. Here is what you need to know about this model. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

Edge Computing 101

When cloud computing was introduced, there was a lot of confusion about what it was. Similarly, there is a lot of confusion about the current IT trend of edge computing. Here are the basics. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.