100 Million Android Users’ Data Affected with these Misconfigured Apps

Mobile app developers may have exposed the personal data of over 100 million Android users to malicious actors, according to Check Point Research (CPR). The app research firm discovered multiple vulnerabilities resulting from misconfigured third-party cloud services after examining 23 Android applications. The compromised personal data included chat messages, emails, geographic locations, passwords and photos. …Log into your iPressGo account …

Inundated with Robocalls? Relief Is on the Way

The number of illegal robocalls has risen dramatically in 2021. Fortunately, the TRACED Act is expected to provide relief. Learn about this legislation and discover what you can do until its effect is fully felt. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

Mobile Devices are Increasingly Infected with Malware and No One Seems to Notice

Mobile devices are increasingly likely to be infected with malware, especially in developing markets. The economic and technological gap that already exists between the social classes is being further widened by the COVID-19 pandemic. A 2021 report from Upstream shows that 16 percent of devices in markets like Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and Thailand have processed fraudulent transactions from malware. …

The Apple iOS Update Everyone is Talking About

It’s always exciting whenever Apple releases a new update for the iOS operating system. One of the biggest features to debut alongside iOS 14.0 back in the fall were widgets – tiles that you could use to further customize your “Home” screen and get important information at a glance. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

The “Android Update” that’s actually Malware

Researchers at Zimperium zLabs have discovered a sophisticated Android app that masquerades as a software update. It appears to be an update for the Android mobile operating system (OS), but it actually exfiltrates data about users and their mobile devices. This malware is similar to other Android apps that Google discovered in its Play Store during early March 2021, which …

Think Twice Before You Buy That Cheap Charger

In online marketplaces, it is easy to shop for the best deal. However, buying the cheapest charger for your smartphone is risky. Here’s why. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

How to Take Advantage of iPhone’s Text Replacement Feature

Apple iPhones have a built-in text-replacement feature. Although it’s not new or flashy, it can be quite useful. Discover what this feature does and how to use it. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

Google Releases a version of iPhone AirDrop on Androids

By far, the two most popular smartphone platforms available on the market today are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. iOS, of course, only works on devices specifically manufactured by Apple and is therefore the centerpiece of that company’s “walled garden” ecosystem. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

How to Protect Your Mobile Device from Malicious Apps

Researchers recently discovered a dozen malware-laden apps in the Google Play store. Learn about these apps and how to protect your mobile device from them. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

Fake Contact Tracing App Installs Ransomware

In late May 2020, cybercriminals took advantage of two current events to help fuel a ransomware campaign in Italy. Find out what these events were, how cybercriminals carried out the attack, and what you can do to avoid falling victim to similar one. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.