5G’s Market Surge and the Race to Build

The race to rollout 5G networks has been suspended this year, due to COVID-19, but currently 5G is making it’s come back and stronger than ever. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

Ransomware Cybergangs Are Now Calling Their Victims

After successfully infecting companies’ IT networks with ransomware, some cybergangs are now calling those businesses to intimidate them into paying the ransom. Find out more about this troubling development. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

The Recent Dell Vulnerability Might Affect You

CyberMDX, a healthcare information security provider, has discovered two critical vulnerabilities in Dell’s Wyse thin clients. Both flaws could allow attackers to execute malicious code remotely, resulting in them accessing files on the affected devices. CyberMDX reported these flaws to Dell in June 2020, which applies to all devices running ThinOS versions 8.6 and below. …Log into your iPressGo account …

Extended Reality 101

Companies in a wide variety of industries are increasingly using and benefitting from extended reality (XR) technologies. Find out what these technologies are and how companies are taking advantage of them. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

How to Avoid Being Scammed While Shopping Online

Online shopping is becoming more popular — and so, too, are fraudulent websites designed to scam shoppers. Learn about the precautions you can take to avoid becoming the next victim. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

The IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act: What It Is and What You Need to Know

Also commonly referred to as the IoT for short, the Internet of Things is a term that refers to a massive, interconnected network of literally billions of sensor and “smart” devices, all of which are creating and sharing data with one another at all times. According to one recent study, nearly 20.4 of these devices were already online as of 2020 …

Avoid Becoming a Victim of These Citrix SD-WAN Bugs

A software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) is a cloud-based networking solution that enterprises and smaller businesses with multiple locations often use. It connects local nodes and cloud instances together in a way that can use any type of connectivity. SD-WAN also uses software to manage this architecture, including nodes and resources. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

What You Need to Know about the MalLocker.B Mobile Ransomware

AndroidOS/MalLocker.B is the newest member of a ransomware family that has a long history of holding Android smartphones for ransom. Learn how MalLocker.B works and what you can do to keep your device safe. …Log into your iPressGo account to read the full article.

The Backdoor Bill that could be Unsafe

Over the last few years, law enforcement agencies around the country have often battled with tech companies over the use of encryption on devices like smartphones and tablets. It is in a company like Apple’s best interest to keep users data private and safe – to the point where encryption is so strong that tech companies have no way to …